Paint protection treatment

It’s basically an invisible coating applied over the top of the car’s paintwork and serves as a protective layer,It shields the paint from the likes of stone chips, tree sap, bird droppings, fading, oxidation, water staining, fallout, vandalism and dust. all of which are common and damaging to untreated cars it’s provides a complete protective cocoon for your vehicle.

Smart Touch offers a premium paint protection service,We understand how important it is to protect your vehicle’s paint finish,Our paint protection service includes a professional clean and polish, then applying a premium ceramic paint protection coating over the paint ,Protect your vehicle’s body by coating with the highest quality body glass coating with Smart Touch .

Car paint protection benefits
  • Keeps your car looking new and shiny
  • Retains your car’s resale value
  • Makes car cleaning easier
  • Repels environmental damage
  • Provides scratch and chemical protection
  • Invisible protection for your car
  • Saves money on repairs
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